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The Nun Who Loved Me

Nuns love me.

Now before you think that I’m about to write a tale about how I made a woman in a habit swoon to my Christian masculinity…

I have a story tell.  About a year and a half ago I was seriously considering shutting down my Facebook account.   It was around this time that I decided I really needed to invest more into my Catholic faith.  I was looking at areas that I could improve, I was convinced I needed to be more selfless and since Facebook tends to be a breeding ground for narcissism, I figured it had to go.  Before I officially pulled away from the social network I noticed something strange: someone had posted up an article about Catholicism.  The article was about Health and Human Services Mandate and how it would force employers to support practices contrary to their faith.

I was amazed that there was someone that I knew, that instead of watching cat videos online, actually cared about subjects like this.  I noticed that the person who posted it was a girl I had gone to high school with.   For some crazy Holy-Spirit-filled reason I asked for her phone number. We knew each other years ago, but this was really the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Every couple of weeks we would talk and  it was unlike anything else I had experienced before.  I hadn’t ever really had a friend who would dive into my faith with me the way she did.  She would listen to me, give me advice when she could and correct me when I was wrong.  I would also do the same for her.

This went on like this for year and through that whole time her and I grew closer and closer.  Now I’m sure that those of you how are reading this are convinced that I’m building to some sort of romantic event.  You’re absolutely positive that her and I ran, full tilt, through a sun drenched daisy field into each-other’s outstretched arms.

That’s not what happened.  Although It logically made since that her and I could be compatible, I had this sense that she wasn’t going to end up being married…to anyone.  One day I suspected that she was going to quit her job, so I asked her about it.  She said that my suspicions were well placed.   I asked her what  what the next step in her career would be and she said “I’m going to be a sister, I leave for the convent in May.”

Then, because of that one sentence a lot things started to become clear to me.  I recognized the selfless way she treated me.  The way she served me.  The way she loved me.