Monthly Archives: December 2013


Sometimes I live my life as though you don’t exist.
I don’t know if I can do this God.
I fall short in so many ways…

There was a time in my life where a personal relationship with God was as foreign to me as trying to read a word written in Latin.  So I left my relationship to God as just that: foreign.  I never doubted his existence, but I did doubt my ability to live up to his will.  So I thought: “he’s out there, but I’m just going live life normally, because I can’t face my shortfallings.”

However as you can imagine, this left a pretty big gap in my life.  A God sized gap.  Since God is infinite…I had a “little” problem.

My habit of distancing myself from God was coming from my tendency of avoiding the truth.  The reason I was avoiding the truth was because sometimes learning what the Lord teaches is uncomfortable, because you learn about all your imperfections and you are challenged to improve.   I would find an area that I fell short in and I would say “God I can’t fix this.”  I was right.  I can’t fix anything, but guess who can?

God can.  Hi love is infinite, it can fill the gap I mentioned earlier.  Sometimes we just need to accept that love and life will translate into something we can understand.  All of sudden, that Latin word “credo” has its meaning: I believe.

This blog is an outlet for me to discern God’s will.  You’re welcome to follow me in this little project.  I figure the more time I take the time to think about God in my life, the better my life will be…

Because after all, I believe.